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Rubbish Report June 10—14

Sent to the gemeente June 15, 2011 Friday morning June 10 at 11:16 (photo [1]) the first illegal rubbish appears. Which is added to later in the afternoon ([2]). But I’m pleased to say that during the whole weekend most of the zwerfvuil that gathered on the corner was picked up during the weekend. Thank […]

Rubbish Report June 7—9

Sent to the gemeente June 10, 2011 Tuesday morning June 7 at 8:30 (photo [1]) the corner is rubbish-free. But, unfortunately not fietswrakken-free. First photo taken just after the rubbish has been picked up (poor guys were busy for at least 15 minutes clearing the corner of everybody else’s rubbish). By 13:42 the same day […]

Rubbish Report June 4—6

Sent to the gemeente June 6, 2011 The rubbish that was left at the corner of the Warmoesstraat and the OZ Armsteeg on Friday was picked up by late Friday. Thank you. Unfortunately the clean corner did not last long. It never does. Starting on Saturday June 4, a cardboard box and about 10-12 bags […]

Sigh. 2 years later. Still no solution.

For a while there I thought that we could actually get rid of this blog. I thought that our many problems were solved. Okay, many of our original problems were solved but unfortunately we are STILL stuck with the garbage problem. Here follow copies of the photos and the electronic complaints that I have been […]

Forgot to mention…

Back at the end of October I sent out a letter announcing our blog to various official institutions: the Mayor of Amsterdam; the police station on the Beurstraat; the Gebiedsbeheerder, the Dagelijksbestuur, and the Straatmanager of the Stadsdeel Centrum Amsterdam; Stadsherstel Amsterdam; NV Stadsgoed; the local newspaper, d’Oude Binnenstad; Buurt Information Centrum, Zeedijk; and for […]


Okay, sorry, I’ve been a bit slack about writing. Here’s a quick update of stuff: The abandoned bikes were finally picked up about 2 weeks ago. I think it only took about 3 months to get rid of them. I’ve reported the graffiti that appeared on the wall of Aneke Rasa on the weekend. Apparently […]

They do know about the fietswrakken

I rang Grofvuil this afternoon to tell them about some wooden planks that I want to get rid of. I also remembered to tell them that the abandoned bikes are still in the alley. Apparently the bikes are in the system, and they are getting to us, but that there is some delay because they […]

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Street Corner History: why are we blogging?

Sometimes, though not often, someone is interested enough to hear me grumbling about our rubbish problems. And when I listen to myself I am amazed that I am so knowledgeable about both the rubbish disposal regulations in Amsterdam, and the rubbish habits of my neighbours. I have been thinking about this recently and realised that […]

Blog stats—Woo hoo! 72 views in one day

Ha! We are becoming more popular. Yesterday there were our blog was viewed 72 times. I think I am starting to understand the stats now. It doesn’t show the number of visitors, but the number of times that the different pages of the blog were viewed.