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Blog updates by email

I have added a new feature to the blog: you can now get blog updates via email. Should save you having to check back to see if the blog has changed. You will receive at most one email per day, and then only if something new has been posted to the blog. You will not […]

Some changes to the blog

I have made a few minor changes to the blog. The rubbish photos are now more accessible. People do seem to be interested, and there was a lot of unnecessary clicking to see them. I have added a few more “Pages”, in other words, more permanent links; these are available in the sidebar on the […]

Blog stats—Woo hoo! 72 views in one day

Ha! We are becoming more popular. Yesterday there were our blog was viewed 72 times. I think I am starting to understand the stats now. It doesn’t show the number of visitors, but the number of times that the different pages of the blog were viewed.

Blog stats — who visits our blog?

The other night I decided to have a good look at the statistics provided by WordPress, the blog software that we are using. It’s really interesting! It not only shows the number of hits that our blog has received since its inception, but also how people find our blog. Here are some of the things […]


Ls, Sinds een aantal dagen hebben meerdere buurtbewoners toegang tot deze site. Dit is zeer positief omdat er wel degelijk zaken zijn om over te brainstormen, klagen, conplimenten te geven etc. Kan zijn dat sommige zich enigzinds ongelukkig uitdrukt hebben, danwel terecht hun hart luchten. Neemt niet weg dat deze internet site bedoelt is om […]

Thanks for the comments

Last Sunday we distributed, in the immediate neighbourhood, about 50 copies of a letter publicising this blog. Since then, the blog has some new visitors (welcome!) and a few comments were placed. Sorry for the delay, but the comments have been approved, and now visible.

What’s in a name? – Part 3

Majoor Bosshardt krijgt een eigen plantsoen Onthulling. In Utrecht wordt vandaag het Majoor Bosshardtplantsoen geopend. Een straatnaambord van het bekendste in juni overleden lid van het Nederlands Leger Des Heils wordt onthuld door burgemeester Brouwer. Majoor Bosshardt werd op 1913 in Utrecht geboren en woonde er bijna twintig jaar. Metro, 19 oktober 2007

What’s in a name? – Part 2

Last month I visited the new Gemeentearchief Amsterdam (GAA) in the Vijzelstraat, and found some good ammunition in our fight to keep the name of our street. Sorry, this is a fairly long post (and I hope that I don’t sound too fanatical). But basically what it boils down to is that our street has […]

What’s in a name? – Part 1

Play the video. Have a giggle. Met dank aan AT5. Uitgezonden op 10 september 2007.