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Rubbish Again

Morning, The garbagemen are long gone. Still some stubburn poluter is active. Who? Why?   Richard

Who would want to live here?

Actually I do. I do love living right in the middle of this Disney-Wonderland city. Having just spent a few days in London I have been reminded of what I love about Amsterdam. London is fun, exciting, and exhausting. Amsterdam is fun; I’ve never thought of it as being exhausting; but it isn’t exciting. It’s […]

Pinockio continued…

Okay, first of all the tables are brought out. This was taken at 0.22 (click on any photo to see an enlargement): Then sometime after that the awning (luifel) is lowered and the party starts. The white bar in the foreground of the next photo is the bottom of the side of the awning/luifel, it […]

Oh right. Like this is legal…

This photo of Pinockio (Warmoesstraat 21) was taken at 2.30 early Thursday morning. Notice the table, the awning (luifel) (gotta keep those customers dry and warm), the glasses of beer, and most of all, notice the very noisy, drunken people. The rest of the street is empty. Pinockio is really starting to annoy me.


Hmmm. I sent this email to Marjan Brom, the gebiedsbeheerder, early this afternoon: Subject: rookvrije horeca … sigh Hello Marjan, As residents of the Warmoesstraat we are experiencing some problems with the new rookverbod. All that gezellig cafe life is now spilling out on to the street. Please see our blog for complaints and some […]

Beste gemeentemedewerker,

Even een paar suggesties hoe de overlast van deze gigantisch vervelende ‘niet roken in café’s’ wetgeving beperkt kan worden. Wat de Warmoesstraat betreft: Verwijder de bankjes langs de kroegen of beperk de gebruikstijden. Zoals na 20 uur moeten alle bankjes omhoog geklapt zijn. En dat wordt dagelijks door een agent gecontroleerd die daarvoor een ronde […]

Consequences of the nanny state

Okay, this is the first Saturday since the introduction of the new law concerning rookvrije horeca (smoking ban in cafes and restaurants). I wonder if anyone actually thought about the practical consequences of their nannying? Very few of the cafes and restaurants in the Warmoesstraat have a terrasvergunning (licence to have a terrace). And a […]