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Street Corner History: why are we blogging?

Sometimes, though not often, someone is interested enough to hear me grumbling about our rubbish problems. And when I listen to myself I am amazed that I am so knowledgeable about both the rubbish disposal regulations in Amsterdam, and the rubbish habits of my neighbours. I have been thinking about this recently and realised that […]

Blog stats—Woo hoo! 72 views in one day

Ha! We are becoming more popular. Yesterday there were our blog was viewed 72 times. I think I am starting to understand the stats now. It doesn’t show the number of visitors, but the number of times that the different pages of the blog were viewed.

Guldehandsteeg: Um, I was referring to the graffiti on the walls

Last week there was a frenzy of painting activity in the Guldehandsteeg. Now this looks somewhat better, the meter box thingies look very nice…but, um, there still seems to be “some” graffiti on the walls? In my last graffiti post I mentioned the Anti-Plak en Klad contract, assuming that you would know what I was […]

Black and white — The Black List

The White List Congratulations! to the winners on this list! You are a horecabedrijf that either places your rubbish in front of your own door (thank you!); or you have both rubbish and glass containers, in other words you pay to have your rubbish and glass picked up (good move!). The Kabab House Coffeshop 36 […]


Some idiot parked their van half way across the alley this morning. Combined with the normal Tuesday (mumble grumble) rubbish mountain it was extremely difficult to escape from the alley this morning. The first photo shows the view from the alley (click on any photo to see an enlargement): This is the view from the […]

Blog stats — who visits our blog?

The other night I decided to have a good look at the statistics provided by WordPress, the blog software that we are using. It’s really interesting! It not only shows the number of hits that our blog has received since its inception, but also how people find our blog. Here are some of the things […]

Hoe gaan wij dit nu weer oplossen?

Ja hoor, ze zijn er weer. Iemand heeft 3 fietswrakken bij ons gedumpt. Ik heb dit al eerder probeerd, dus: ik ga niet de gemeentelijke fietswrakkenophaaldienst bellen, want ik weet al wat ze gaan antwoorden. “We kunnen ze niet verwijderen want het zijn nog geen wrakken.” Ik heb geen zin om de fiets-nog-niet-wrakken weer te gaan […]

Guldehandsteeg: Why don’t you get rid of the graffiti?

By the way, why don’t you (the Guldehandsteeg) do something about this graffiti? If nothing else, “our” alley is mostly graffiti-free, thanks to our anti-plak-en-klad contracts. We can definitely recommend the APK contracts from the gemeente. Reasonably priced, and they remove any graffiti as soon as you tell them about it. If you like we […]

I don’t have a problem with your residential rubbish

There has been a bit of interest in my post about our “Put your own rubbish in front of your own front door” campaign. I really don’t want to start a War of the Alleys, although I am happy that we are having some sort of dialogue with the Guldehandsteeg, even if it’s a bit […]

Please explain the logic of this to me

Cafes/restaurants/hotels in the region Warmoesstraat 1—40 do not, in general have a terrasvergunning. This is a Good Thing, because otherwise we are swamped with noise Cafes (etc) receive a license to serve alcohol, and produce noise. But only within their own physical walls Because of this (insane, nannying) rookverbod, now the clientele of cafes, which […]