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Protected: Dealers, dealers, dealers

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There is no “dealer network”

I’ve been complaining that the dealers are always here. But, they do periodically, poof!, disappear. Then moments later, a police car sails down the street. Of course, it all looks peaceful and civilised. But within minutes the dealers are back again. I always imagined that there was some sort of Dealer Network going on. It […]

Ze spelen muziek op straat

Hmm, I think I’ve discovered something. Ringing the police to complain about the dealers and junkies can be a frustrating experience. You know they’re dealing/using, because they’ve been hanging around for ages, but that’s not illegal. And, more often than not, the bad guys have scattered if/when the police approach. Or even worse, your complaint […]

An infestation of dealers

So, I didn’t really expect that we would have to use this blog again. It’s been pretty peaceful since the street gardens were installed. Just the odd problem with piled up garbage, but nothing like it used to be. For that we’re thankful.  But, in the last few months, our corner has been infested, inundated […]