I don’t have a problem with your residential rubbish

There has been a bit of interest in my post about our “Put your own rubbish in front of your own front door” campaign. I really don’t want to start a War of the Alleys, although I am happy that we are having some sort of dialogue with the Guldehandsteeg, even if it’s a bit indirect and weird.

Look, I don’t even have a big problem if the residents of the Guldehandsteeg put their rubbish on “our” corner. What infuriates me and the others who live here is the commercial rubbish produced by the hotels, cafes, restaurants, and coffeeshops that also gets dumped here on our corner.

Here is the what the Oudezijds Armsteeg looked like at 8.25 on September 2nd, a Tuesday.

Please realise that there are only 10 apartments in this part of the Armsteeg. Between us, we produce no more than 10 bags each rubbish day; most of us live alone so I’m sure it’s less than that. The bright blue bags in this photo (and there are definitely more than 10 of them) are about 99.9% likely to have originated from a horecabedrijf; my guess, judging by the placement, would be that most of them are from the Old Quarter, while the ones at the back are probably from Hotel Centrum. You can also see the container from the Hunter’s/Vodka Bar/The Coin coffeeshop on the right hand side of this photo.

This is the what the Guldehandsteeg looked like at the same time. Very netjes. All these containers (all 5 of them) belong to the De Compagnon. No wonder the residents from the Guldehandsteeg can’t put their rubbish on their own corner.

And, here, this is what one side of the Warmoesstraat looks like at the same time. Where is the rubbish from The Old Quarter? Centrum Hotel? Pinockio?

And this is the other side of the Warmoesstraat. Unfortunately the van from Hunter’s Bar is in the way. But where is the rubbish from Aneke Rasa? Cafe Pacifico? New Season?


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  2. By Richard on Sep 12, 2008 | Reply

    To be honest,

    I am not interested anymore in peoples opinions that do not have to deal with our lives.
    I was expecting some kind of “bondige” on the the rubbisch,garbich,noise from the nieuwbouw,glasscontainers thrue the alley at 6.45 in the morning after Pinoccio making noise till 4.00 in the morning ,pubs with their new terrases because of the new laws,holigans,puking,pissing, tourists,etc.
    The funny thing is that the expected problems of tourists is just 1% of the problem
    Its the Horeca between 6.00 and 8.00 hours that do not give a fuck about the bewoners.Yes its a great neighbourhood at night and its very special but making money here and not giving a damn on who takes care of the rubbisch sucks!

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