Rubbish Report June 4—6

Sent to the gemeente June 6, 2011

The rubbish that was left at the corner of the Warmoesstraat and the OZ Armsteeg on Friday was picked up by late Friday. Thank you.

Unfortunately the clean corner did not last long. It never does. Starting on Saturday June 4, a cardboard box and about 10-12 bags of rubbish were left there. Over the weekend several bags were added. By Sunday night (June 5) there are about 20-25 bags of rubbish, several open Albert Heijn bags of rubbish, and a restaurant-sized olive oil can.

By Monday morning (June 6) a cardboard box has been added, and about another 10 bags of rubbish. During the morning (13:49) the following are added: several more bags of rubbish, a restaurant-sized mayonaise bucket, more cardboard boxes, several open (AH) bags of rubbish. By about 16:30 a wooden chair has been added, more cardboard boxes, and an empty paint container. Of course, don’t forget the extra bags of rubbish that accumulate.

By 19:00 Monday evening more furniture has been added. The chances that the people responsible have rung Grofvuil are practically zero. (So we are now dependent on the mood of the rubbish guys tomorrow morning as to whether the furniture will be picked up or not.) By this time the rubbish heap is about a metre high, extends about 2.5 metres into the alley and is about a metre wide.

By 20:40 on Monday evening, between the fietswrakken (12 of them) and the rubbish there is still a metre through which we can exit the alley (aren’t we lucky!).

Later in the evening (23:30) of course more rubbish has been added to the growing pile. Now it extends 3 metres into the alley, is about 1.5 metres high and a metre wide.

The garbage truck came before I could photograph Tuesday’s rubbish pile. The guys did take the furniture (thank you!).

I think that since November 2010 there has maybe been three days when there has been no rubbish on the corner. Welcome to the OZ Armsteeg, 24 hours of rubbish a day, 7 days a week.

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