Rubbish Report June 7—9

Sent to the gemeente June 10, 2011

Tuesday morning June 7 at 8:30 (photo [1]) the corner is rubbish-free. But, unfortunately not fietswrakken-free. First photo taken just after the rubbish has been picked up (poor guys were busy for at least 15 minutes clearing the corner of everybody else’s rubbish).

By 13:42 the same day the following has magically appeared on the corner: 6-7 bags of rubbish, one open Albert Heijn bag of rubbish, an open crate, with of course, more rubbish in it and some carpet tiles. Photo [3] is at 10:00 on Wednesday June 8. Several cardboard boxes and more bags of garbage have joined the growing pile.

By Thursday morning (photo [6]) there are even more cardboard boxes and 2 wooden palettes, and don’t forget the never-ending bags of rubbish. Someone (horeca?) took delivery of 2 or 3 washing machines or refrigerators or something similar on Wednesday. And decided to add their packaging rubbish to the corner. Why not? There’s rubbish there anyway.

By Thursday night (photo [9]), oh joy of joys look at all that lovely rubbish, at least 6 hours before there is meant to be any rubbish on the street. What do we have? More large cardboard boxes, orange boxes, and about 20-30 more bags of rubbish. Oh we’re so lucky! Rubbish pile now extends about 2 metres into the alley, is about one metre height and almost a metre wide.

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