Rubbish Report June 10—14

Sent to the gemeente June 15, 2011

Friday morning June 10 at 11:16 (photo [1]) the first illegal rubbish appears. Which is added to later in the afternoon ([2]). But I’m pleased to say that during the whole weekend most of the zwerfvuil that gathered on the corner was picked up during the weekend. Thank you! It makes a difference.

We also tried fighting one problem with another. We have arranged the fietswrakken into a Garbage Barrier, in other words we have piled up the 12+ abandoned bikes into a physical barrier just behind the rubbish can. It helps a bit. What would be even better would be if the fietswrakken were REMOVED. We are seriously considering welding them into a piece of deformed street art. Anyway photos [3]-[5] show that the rubbish was kept to a minimum on the weekend.

Monday sees a return to normal (anti-social) behaviour. The rest of the photos show that the rubbish slowly piles up (ILLEGALLY!) during the whole of Monday.

I notice that the garbage truck has been coming somewhat earlier. This doesn’t really solve the problem. But we do need serious solutions. Please save us from the abandoned bikes and the rubbish from our neighbours.

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