Rubbish Report June 14—17

Tuesday afternoon (photo [1]) the first illegal rubbish appears. By Wednesday morning it has been joined by several more bags ([2]). By Thursday evening there are about 15-20 bags of rubbish, many many cardboard boxes and one dismantled household item, possibly a fridge [3].

By Friday morning the rubbish mountain extends 2 metres into the alley, is a metre and half wide, and a metre high. It spills out into the Warmoesstraat [4] and [5]. Unfortunately not an hour after the rubbish has been picked up, the abandoned fridge or whatever it is (grofvuil) has been joined by several new bags of rubbish [6]. But I am pleased to add that both the rubbish and grofvuil were picked up by the end of the afternoon. Also the several bags of rubbish that were deposited over the weekend were picked up. Thank you!

[Sent to the gemeente June 19, 2011]

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