Rubbish Report June 26—28

About 10 bags of illegal rubbish have gathered by early Sunday evening (photos [1] and [2]). By Monday morning they have been joined by another 10-20 bags [3]. During the day the pile grows bigger and bigger, until by the evening the pile is as high as the garbage bin, extends 2.5 metres into the alley and is about 3/4 metre wide [4]-[6]. By late evening some idiot has thrown their mattress/bed there as well [7].

On Tuesday morning (currently every morning) the alley is blocked on one side by a truck [8]. We cannot exit the alley via the OZ Voorburgwal. Our only exit is via the Warmoesstraat. Unfortunately that way out is pretty well blocked by the rubbish [9]-[12]. By now, the pile is 1.5 metres high, extends 3-4 metres into the alley and between the bikes, motor bikes and rubbish mountain we have barely 50 centimetres where we can just get past. This is a fire hazard!! Photo [11] shows the Guldenhandsteeg, strangely free of household rubbish.

But I’m very pleased to report that most of the dead bikes have GONE! Thank you!

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