Rubbish report June 29—July 1

Okay, I haven’t been this angry in a long long time. Lots of photos this time.

Starts off “normally” on Wednesday with bags of rubbish illegally dumped, a dead couch, cardboard boxes (photo [1]). By Wednesday evening the couch had been picked up, plus most of the bags of rubbish (thank you). Unfortunately now a TV, several chairs and more bags of rubbish congregate [2]. By Thursday morning the rubbish was mostly picked up, but TV and chairs still there [3]. Irritatingly enough when I rang Grofvuil early Thursday morning, the bored, disinterested woman told me that it wouldn’t be picked up until Friday (grrrr). By Thursday evening, TV etc still there, plus about 10-15 bags of rubbish [4]-[5]. But our problems were only just starting [6].

At about 9 o’clock in the evening 2 young guys (Pink Shirt and Grey Shirt) started dumping their entire house on our corner [7]-[21]. By the time they have finished there is: another dead couch, a double mattress, floor boards, tables, chairs, and an unbelievable number of open bags and boxes of rubbish. The resulting mess extends 4 metres into the alley, is higher than an adult and is 1.5 metres wide.

By Friday morning… Ach. I don’t even want to talk about Friday morning [22]-[24]. Suffice to say, that I lost it completely when I couldn’t even enter the alley with my bike. I started throwing bags of rubbish onto the Warmoesstraat, until I could at least reach my own front door–much to the consternation of my neighbours (is she crazy? Yes, you bloody bet.)

One of the builders was trying to stop me tossing bags of rubbish onto the Warmoesstraat. At one point he said, “Moet ik de politie bellen?”, and I just screamed at him, “Ja, GRAAG, bel de politie!” Surprised the shit out of him! I think that’s when he backed off, worried that I really was a bit crazy!

The rubbish guys were also angry and refused to pick it up. They came back later with a separate truck and picked up the rubbish (taking about 15 minutes to clean it up). The grofvuil was picked up about an hour later, they were also busy for about 20 minutes.

Okay, I also have a video of the anti-social dumpers. They came from either Warmoesstraat 15 or 17 (I’m pretty sure it was 17). Unfortunately the video is too large to show here on the blog, but I have forwarded it to the gebiedsbeheerder. Here is a fuzzy close-up of their faces:

Our thanks go to the Reiniging, Handhaving and the Gebiedsbeheerder for clearing this up as quickly as humanly possible.

I spit on Pink Shirt and Grey Shirt. Anti-social little bastards.

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