Rubbish report July 15—July 19

On Friday afternoon there are about 10 bags of rubbish to start the weekend. Plus a box with one or more restaurant-sized egg cartons (photos [1] and [2]). By the end of the weekend there are about 20-25 bags of rubbish [3]. Unfortunately none of the bags of rubbish were taken away during the weekend.

By Monday evening several restaurants have started adding their rubbish. Over the course of the evening there are multiple restaurant-sized olive oil cans and mayonaise buckets that get added, and a stupendous amount of cardboard boxes (beer, meat, wine, etc etc etc), [4]-[7].

At about 22:00 on Monday evening one of the restaurants starts bringing out their rubbish. After he has finished there are another 20-odd bags of rubbish and egg cartons that have been added [8]-[9]. I have a video of the “crime” and have forwarded a link to the video to the gebiedsbeheerder and handhaving.

Finally by Tuesday morning we wake up to the sight of a rubbish mountain which is as tall as an adult, extends 3 metres into the alley, and is about 2 metres wide. [10]-[12]

On a happier note, all of the dead bikes have been removed. And that was within one week of ringing and complaining about them. That’s progress!

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