An infestation of dealers

So, I didn’t really expect that we would have to use this blog again. It’s been pretty peaceful since the street gardens were installed. Just the odd problem with piled up garbage, but nothing like it used to be. For that we’re thankful. 

But, in the last few months, our corner has been infested, inundated and overrun by dealers. We’ve never seen anything like this before. There is a CONSTANT dealer presence on our corner from early in the evening until about 8am the next morning. There is usually at least one or two lurking around but often there are 4-8, or more, of them hanging around together. To be honest, I don’t object to their preferred method of employment, but the noise and the intimidating atmosphere when a whole bunch of them get together is overwhelming at times. They act as if they own the street, and that is what I strongly object to. 

It’s probably hard to imagine what the constant noise is like. Normally at this time of year it is reasonably quiet in this part of the city after about 11pm, in particular during the week. But now there is a constant LOUD dealer-related noise from the street and the alley.

A small example is this two-minute recording, which was made at 4:23am on a Wednesday morning. Seriously, there should be no one around at this time of night.

The first part of the recording gives an impression of the sort of “background” noise that is constantly present.

The second part of the recording is when a loud argument erupts, followed by the insistent deal that (presumedly) goes down. 

So I guess it’s time to start blogging again.

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