Rubbish – what to do about it?

This page will gather together all the ideas that we have about solving the rubbish problem.

  • Grofvuil niet op dinsdag en vrijdag ophalen (dan is er al huisvuil)
  • Iemand kunnen laten ‘posten’ om te observeren wie allemaal zijn vuilnis op het hoek neerzet
  • And while they are about it, they should check the rubbish itself. There is an unbelievable amount of glass and cardboard that gets put out with the “normal” rubbish.
  • A meeting with the Reinigingsdienst, the gemeente, straatmanager, beurtregisseur, gebiedsbeheerder to discuss the problem and the solutions.
  • Pick up the rubbish in the evening, just as they do in the Zeedijk and Damrak.
  • Make a banner (spandoek) with the text, “Deze steeg stikt in het vuil en de gemeente kan niets doen. HIER GEEN VUILNIS en geen fietswrakken” and in smaller letters: “”. This banner should be hung up between Stablemasters and Aneka Rasa
  • A plastic sign with the text: “Hier geen bedrijfsvuil, enkel huisvuil van de OZ Armsteeg”. Hang this sign up on the wall (Stablemasters’ side wall).
  • Gemeente should send a letter stating that there is no reason to put rubbish in the OZA. Instead, PUT YOUR RUBBISH IN FRONT OF YOUR OWN FRONT DOOR. This letter will hopefully have more effect than our polite requests that no one seems to hear.
  • Photo log of the rubbish pile/mountain in the last 12 months. Erwin has been taking the photos, Jennie will ensure that they can be viewed.
  • A Black List, in the form of a (guessing) game: Who puts their rubbish in front of their own front door? Accompanied by photographs.